Many "all-in-one" receiver/antennas by Motorola, Trimble, and Accutime, including the Hewlett-Packard 53534A, come with a short cable (12-conductors, 6 twisted pairs, shielded) terminated with a 12-pin round (circular) connector (Deutsch MMP 21C-2212P1).

The mating connector is a Deutsch MMP 26C-2212S1 composed of a molded back-shell (6810-204-2001) and 12 socket terminals (6862-201-22278). Deutsch Connectors are now part of TE Connectivity (old Amphenol connectors).

I'm looking for a cable that has the mating connector on one end and 12 unterminated wires on the other end.


Interface cable Storm cable (24 AWG, 6 twisted pair) P/N 120897-6 or (22 AWG) P/N 12397-6.


The Novatel version of this cable is part number 217-601764-001 (5 meters), 217-601764-002 (30 meters) and 217-601764-003 (15 meters).


The 12 pin connector pinout definition:

Face the round 12 pin connector at the end of the cable, with the notch turned upwards. Pin 1 is to the left of the notch. Pins 2 - 8 wrap around the bottom, counterclockwise to pin 9 on the right of the notch. Pin 10 is just below the notch. Pins 10 (top), 11 (bottom left) and 12 (bottom right) form a triangle in the center of the connector.

Pinouts for the Trimble Palisade DB-25 male connector are as follows:

DB-25M Conductor Palisade Description
1 Red 1 Power
7 Black 9 Ground
9 Black/White 12 PPS -
10 Green 8 Transmit Port A (T-)
11 Brown 4 Transmit Port B (T-)
12 Gray 7 Receive Port A (R+)
13 Orange 3 Receive Port B (R+)
21 Orange/White 11 PPS +
22 Blue 10 Transmit Port A (T+)
23 Yellow 5 Transmit Port B (T+)
24 White 6 Receive Port A (R-)
25 Violet 2 Receive Port B (R-)


The part number of the Acutime Gold cable is 60155 (100 feet) and 60156 (200 feet).

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Last updated January 7, 2019