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Random Rants
  • Calculators and Computers Wanted
    If you have any old (built before 1985) calculators or computers made by Hewlett-Packard that need a new home, I'm interested in talking to you.

    My calculators page is here.

    My "computer rescue" page is here.

    A more comprehensive list of things I'm looking for can be seen here.

  • GPS Service Interruptions
    The United States Coast Guard maintains a webpage with notices of GPS Service Interruptions that could disrupt navigation with commercial GPS receivers. You can see the current notices here.

  • Cellular Security
    Some of the encryption systems employed in cellular and PCS mobile telephone systems have been shown to be relatively easy to crack. More information can be found in the Cellular and PCS pages.

  • Telephone Number Database
    Paul Timmins has a database that allows you to look up technical details on telephone numbers in the United States, including service providers and switch information. Try it out here.

  • Mapping
    • The U.S. Department of the Interior has an interactive mapping service for the United States that can generate useful and informative maps. The National Atlas of the United States is available here.

    • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has put their nautical charts on-line here.

  • Odds and Ends
    • Some screen shots of a user interface design - from a movie.

    • For a trip back to a more pleasant time, read this advertisement from the Bell Telephone Company ("Ma Bell") circa 1940. They actually advertise the pleasant demeanor of their operators!

    • I received an interesting comic book produced by, of all people, General Electric. It extoles the virtues and nearly unlimited possibilities of atomic power - from the vantage point of 1948. Click here to read more.

    • Bell Labs has a fun text-to-speech demonstration that allows you to hear a synthesized voice speak any phrase you enter in a variety of languages. As Joe Bob Briggs would say, check it out.

    • NASA has a interesting set of web pages here describing early computers used in space missions.

    • The Cable News Network (CNN) apparently does not have anyone left who understands basic science. During their coverage of the Space Shuttle Columbia re-entry accident they had this graphic at the bottom of the screen, reporting that the shuttle was moving at 18 times the speed of light.

  • Urban Life

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